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I started doing henna in 2012, shortly after my sister introduced me to it. Little to my surprise, I became obsessed with the art form and it quickly became a big part of my life . It is something that brings me to a calm state, some would say therapeutic. I feel the need to share my passion for henna and share this art form with anyone who seeks it. I make my own henna paste using only the freshest, organic ingredients, role the cones which hold the henna and create my own designs. I am inspired by many many other talented henna artists out there, and I feel over time I have adopted a lot of the styles of others but it has taken time to develop my own style. Generous amounts of practice has been paramount in my journey in becoming the best henna artist I can be. I am extremely excited to share my love of henna. Together we can add a beautiful adornment to your body and a piece of art to your life. 



What is henna?

Henna is a plant. This information is always surprising to some seeing as how it stains with such intensity. Henna is derived from India and the stain comes from it's leaves. The henna powder reacts with the essential oils leaving the potential for it to stain. Henna has been used in many different cultures throughout the middle east and Asia, being a way to decorate the body with different blessings and aesthetic purposes. 

It is important to know that all-natural henna is a cherry-brown color. Black henna is not all natural and should never be used on the skin. This can be confusing though because henna can stain almost black when applied to the plalm, finger tips and bottom of feet.  

How is henna applied?

  • There are various methods of applying henna, however I use a cone. 

  • The time it takes for a design completely depends on the size and intricacy. If you are wanting something very large and intricate, a private appointment would be appreciated. 

  • The henna paste is applied on the skin and sometimes "sealed" with a lemon juice and sugar mixture if the henna paste is easily being flaked off. The lemon juice/sugar concoction acts almost like a glue to the henna, so that when the henna paste dries it doesn't flake away. 

  • Henna paste should be left on the skin anywhere from 4 - 8 hours. The longer the paste stays on the skin, the darker the stain will be and the longer it will stay. I can even apply a medical tape on top of the finished, dried henna. This way, it won't smudge and you can keep it on while you sleep! When you wake up, you'll have had the henna on for 6+ hours and the stain will be rich and amazing!

Is henna safe?

All-natural henna is completely skin safe. My paste is organic and all-natural, composed of henna powder, water, sugar, and undiluted pure essential oils. If you have an intolerance to a certain oil within the paste or have open cuts on your skin, henna should be avoided. The essential oils I typically use are eucalyptus, lavender and/or frankincense.

How long does henna last?

On average, henna can last about 7 to 10 days and then starts to fade. Henna stains the skin and as our skin naturally flakes away, the henna stain goes with it. After the paste has been flaked off, I recommend avoiding water touching the design for the first day and no exfoliation directly to the design for as long as you can bare it. This will ensure a longer lasting stain. Keeping the design moist with coconut oil or oil based lotion (no water) will keep the design looking fresher for longer.  

How do I get ready for an appointment?

  • Private appointments can be made by clicking the "Book Now" button below the private henna info on my Henna Services page.

  • Please have the area you want henna'd clean and without any type of body oil or lotions. These create a barrier between the skin and henna making it difficult for the henna to reach its maximum stain potential. 

  • Dressing for the henna is appreciated. For instance, if you are wanting your back henna'd please wear something that makes this space easily accessible. 

  • Depending on the size and placement of the design once applied, medical tape can by applied on top of the design so there is no smudging and the paste won't flake away.

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